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Pass Plus Driving Scheme
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Well established driver training course, aimed at new drivers within a year of passing their test. This course comprises of six modules, covering driving in different conditions • Town Driving • All Weather Driving • Out of Town & Rural Driving • Night Driving • Dual Carriageway Driving • Motorway Driving and a minimum of six hours training is required.
Two or Three hour lessons.
The government’s Pass Plus scheme is an excellent way of increasing the confidence and the competence of new drivers – saving them money. Many insurance companies are now offering discounts to drivers with Pass Plus certificates.
Motorway Driving Lessons
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These lessons are for any driver who has a full driving licence. All aspects of motorway driving are covered, including how to deal with breakdowns.
Two and Three hour lessons.
Refresher Driving Lessons
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If you have a full licence, but may not have driven for some time, then these lessons will help you rediscover those skills that you once had. We aim to give you the confidence to drive safely again.